Pet Parent FAQ

Download the app from the links below:

Follow the simple steps to get your account setup, start a call and test it out!
Airvet is available on both Apple and Android devices and can be found on the App Store or Google Play store. Desktop is coming soon!
There are two types of calls on Airvet:

On-Demand: This can be used for urgent matters and will connect you with the first available veterinarian who might or might not be your primary veterinarian pending immediate availability. The resulting case has a fee of $30 USD and lasts up to 72 hours during which you can follow-up by chat with the vet who answered your call with no additional fees.

Call Request: This can be used for non-urgent matters and you can choose your primary veterinarian to call or message you as soon as they’re available. The resulting case has a fee set by the veterinarian and lasts up to 72 hours during which you can follow-up by chat with the vet who answered your call with no additional fees.

* In both of these call types you will be prompted to authorize the payment hold until the case is complete.

If you select the Menu button in the top left of the app, you should see My Doctors. Click on that and the pencil in the top right corner. That should allow you to edit your primary hospital and veterinarian.

If you select the Menu button in the top left of the app, you should see Profile. Click on that and select the Edit button by the item you would like to change.

If you select the Menu button in the top left of the app, you should see My Pets. Click on that and select the + button in the top right. That should allow you to add as many pets as you’d like

If you select the Menu button in the top left of the app, you should see Payment. Click on that and select add new card if you would like to change your payment method. If you would like to remove a card, click the Edit button in the top right and select the red – button to remove your card.

You can email support@airvet.com and a member of our team will get back to as soon as we can!

Select the Pet you are calling about on the homescreen, Click all the symptoms that apply or add notes in the Other text box, add attachments if necessary, click on continue and Start a Call! It’s that easy!

The way Airvet works is we’ll try to connect you either with your own vet or another vet in your home hospital. If nobody is available for you in that moment, we’ll automatically connect you with another one of the hundreds of licensed and practicing vets in the Airvet network.

You can request a call from your vet! Airvet’s version of scheduled calls with your vet is called call requests. When you would like to speak with your vet, tap on your pet from the home screen and click on the Request a Call button in the top right. Select the reasoning for your call request and submit. This will notify your vet that you’d like for them to give you a call.

If you select the Menu button in the top left of the app, you should see Case History. Click on that and select the call you are inquiring about. Inside the Case Details, you will find any notes that your veterinarian added to your case, the amount you were charged for the call and you can chat with your vet if you have any additional questions.

Cases are considered closed after 72 hours

If you select the Menu button in the top left of the app, you should see Case History. Click on that and select the call you are inquiring about. Inside your case details, a chat icon will appear in the bottom right corner. When selecting that, a chat window will open and you can then begin chatting with the veterinarian. Note that this will only be available for 72 hours after your initial call with that vet.

If the connection on your call is poor, check that you’re on wifi and have a strong signal. While on a call, if there’s issues hearing or seeing one another, you can also send your vet a chat while the call is connected to let them know you’re having trouble and request that they call you back.

In order to use Airvet, you need to make sure airVet has access to your microphone and camera. Please check the settings on your phone if your video feed or microphone don’t seem to be working properly

The Airvet subscription costs $19.99/month. The subscription gives pet parents access to a veterinarian anytime, anywhere.

All subscribers will receive unlimited video calls with a licensed veterinarian each month. We have veterinarians available 24/7 to give you the peace of mind that every pet parent needs. 

Your subscription service will automatically renew each month. You will be charged the subscription fee until you cancel your membership. Pre-paid memberships will be automatically renewed at the end of the pre-payment period and on the frequency you choose for such membership.

  • Hassle-free veterinary care. No driving. No wait times. No appointments necessary. You can connect directly with a veterinarian 24/7 through the app. There are no upsells or hidden fees. You just pay $19.99/month for access to unlimited video calls. 
  • Instant connection. Airvet will connect you with a vet in seconds over a video call. Talk as long as you want and follow up with the same veterinarian via chat for up to 72 hours after your call.  
  • Personalized veterinary care. Take time to describe your pet to the vet. Give them a full medical history. Video calls have no time limit. Ask a veterinarian about anything – questions about nutrition, behavior, training, medical issues, etc. We’re with you every step of the way with care you can trust. 


The total value of an Airvet subscription is $1,500/year, although you only pay $19.99/month. Airvet saves you thousands of dollars from preventing unnecessary emergency room visits. 80% of emergency room visits are not emergencies. Use Airvet to triage your concerns. In addition, Airvet gives you access to save hundreds of dollars on partner brands.

Laws vary by state—so depending on where you live, you may still need to bring your pet to the office in order to receive a prescription.  This comes down to a legal issue where a vet who isn’t your own vet may not be able to prescribe medication or provide a formal diagnosis virtually. 

Currently, you are not able to pause your subscription. You would have to cancel your current one and then opt-in again when you’re ready to continue your subscription. This will not impact your ability to use the Airvet service when needed but you’ll have to pay as you go.

To cancel the subscription, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Airvet app
  2. Tap on the menu button in the top left corner
  3. Select your name to open your Profile
  4. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the Manage Subscription option

First time user:

  1. When signing up for the Airvet app, select the Subscribe button when the option is presented after allowing for permissions. 

After hitting Subscribe, you will authorize the subscription by tapping on Authorize & Subscribe. Now you are all set!

Opt-in at checkout: 

  1. From the homescreen of the app, select the Start Video Call option, and select the pet you are calling about.
  2. Select as many symptoms as are applicable. If you select Other, you can add any additional notes you’d like to share with the veterinarian. Feel free to upload any photos or videos by using the paperclip icon. Hit Start video call!
  3. On the checkout screen, select the Subscribe and save option

Select Authorize & Start.  This opts you into the subscription and you will be routed to the first available veterinarian.

Promo codes can be used with our pay-as-you-go options and can’t be combined for use with our Airvet Unlimited subscription plans.

Some insurance companies cover services like Airvet either entirely or in part. Check with your provider. Airvet’s flat fee ($30) can not only save you the cost of an ER visit and your deductible, but also the hassle of filing a claim.

While Airvet currently doesn’t accept insurance, we’re working with insurance partners across the US and Canada on ways to make your claims process more efficient.

Your Airvet subscription gives you access to Airvet’s network of licensed veterinarians 24/7. You can call at any time or from anywhere and connect in seconds to a veterinarian to ask a question or get advice on a subject like separation anxiety, training, or the right diet for a pet with allergies. 

If your primary veterinarian already uses Airvet and is online and available for On-Demand calls, we will try to connect you directly with them first. However, if your own veterinarian is not on Airvet, or is not online and available at the time you need help, you will be connected instantly with another Airvet network veterinarian who can help you. Because the veterinarian you are connecting with via Airvet has not seen your pet in-person, they may not be able to diagnose, treat, or prescribe medication to your pet due to VCPR regulations. To understand regulations in your state, click here.

Have Additional Questions?

Connect instantly with a licensed veterinarian on a live video call. Available 24/7 for a flat $30 fee. No time limits, just care.